Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 6: Turquoise, Rain, and WigWams

So today we explored Santa Fe, it wasn't quite what I expected. It had a cool southwest vibe, and there was tons of sick jewelry, but as a city it was very yuppieish and corny. It clearly was a place for the "artsy" well off middle aged person to really explore the southwest contemporary art scene. I almost bought an awesome ring, but it was 90 bucks, and though worth it, I figured for my introduction to the ring game should be cheaper in case I'm not feeling it later. Now in retrospect I wish I had bought it. After that we left Santa Fe and headed down the Turquoise Trail, which was a nice old highway winding through the hills of New Mexico. The best stop along th way by far was in Madrid, also known as the small town from Wild Hogs. For the most part it was actually just a lame artsy one road town that's just full of craft shops and an over priced cafe or two, buuuut I did walk away with a Wild Hogs shirt, so i would say worth it in the end, also the peanut butter milkshake was so bad. After that we cruised on over to Arizona, where we drove through tooons of rain. We saw our first highway cop since Texas, but it was only because there was a completely flipped over pickup on the side of the road, my guess is there was a dead person, but whatever man, we weren't stoppin for no one. We got into the Zona, and hit up our amazing sleeping location. Tucked away on old rt. 66 in the small town of Holbrooke is the Wigwam Hotel. Rooms? Ney, this place has individual Tee Pees equiped with beds and bathroom, as well as a classic car parked outside of each Wigwam. As most of the places we've stayed, getting here at 7pm was way too late for the town to do anything, but we were suggested to a nice Mexican place in town. It was so good, Joe and Abbie's, doesn't real sound like a Mexican joint, but the food was delicious, and i had a nice bottle of Rt.66 RootBeer. Now we are crashing early as usual, tomorrow we have plenty of sights and driving, including the Grand Canyon and the Moab desert. Our car sounds like a bad ass muscle car, probably not a good thing.

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