Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 5 recap: Awesome state, terrible service

So today we drove from Shamrock Texas into New Mexico on our way to Santa Fe. Our first and only stop in Texas was Amarillo Texas, the home of the Cadillac Ranch as well as Lavines department store. After checking out the Cadillac Ranch, which if you don't know is 10 cadillacs from from golden ages of the automobile, buried face first in the middle of some ranch on the side of the highway. They were a part of some millionare crazy art piece, and are now covered in graffiti, which is actually encouraged. Unfortunatly I didn't have a can so i didn't put my name on em, but i got some sick pictures. After that we cruised through Amarillo downtown where Reid almost T-boned a motorcycle cop, he was not happy. Buuuut in the end he just gave us a written warning, and gave us directions to the closest Lavines. After that we finally bounced out of TX and made our way to NM. Entering New Mexico it quickly became an amazing state because the speed limit was 75, so it was nothin but cruuisin. The scenery changed drastically from absolutly nothing as far as the eyes could see, to sick hills and plataeus, as well as a sky filled with perfect clouds and gradients of blue. Eventually we pulled off the interstate and onto a regular old two way high way. There we stopped at a sick Native American gift shop that all kids of amazing things, and I picked up some ballin indians hunting buffalo bandanas. Now we're in Santa Fe, its pretty cool, but seems kindof yuppyish. Our car is def starting to sound a little too loud so hopefully new fluids will help that out. We ate at some shitty mexican place that bummed us out, and now are just chilling in the room cause its a massive rain storm. Tomorrow we'll check out Santa Fe more, since everything closed at 5, then its off to Arizona and amazing rocks and our wigwam motel.

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