Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 3 recap, limos, platinum and more elvis

So today was the big day. GRACELAND. Started the morning off with a free breakfast in the Jungle Lounge, then went out and did a photo shoot of the hotel. When coming back we surprised Beryl with our secret plan. We had upgraded our lame room into one of the themed suites, completely free. We got the Gold & Platinum room, which includes a king sized bed with a giant gold record back board..awesome. We finally headed out to Graceland, and I have to say, Elvis was one amazing interior decorator. His house was such a chill hang out spot and must have had the best parties and get togethers. We also checked out his sick car collection and his personal jet planes which have full beds and 24k gold seat belt buckles. I wish i could describe it all, but i assure you i took at least 100 photos, including about 30 film pix. After Graceland we hit the heart pool again, and chilled for awhile. Then we went to go get dinner. We found a place that sends you a free pink limo and chauffeurs you to the restaurant, which is so sick. The food was amazing. We are all soo full, catfish sandwiches, deepfried pickles and rolls, and tequila. Beryl is fucked up. Also as every other place in memphis, the restaurant had a gift shop where i purchased an amazing polo which I'll post a pic of. Beryl bought an amazing elvis/Marlowe's BBQ shirt... Def.a double printed shirt not on purpose. Tomorrow we hit the road again, with or without Gabriella, who's in... Mississippi?.. Who knows, but tomorrow we are headed out west with no location in mind, somewhere past Oklahoma City, hopefully to the Cadillacs of Amarillo TX.

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