Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 1 Recap

So after the first leg, a 10 hour drive, this trip so far has been pretty awesome. Me and Reid split the driving 50/50, and just cruised to some good tunes. Everyone was pretty tired, but it was worth it when we got to Reid's mountain house. Up in the hills of western Virginia, with no cell reception, we stayed at a sick house covered in amazing antiques and sick Hatch Print Shop posters. The house used to be the small towns Post Office and general store, which Reids family used to run way back when. We had a nice little fire and hang session, topped off with the cinematic classic Wayne's World. Today we are off to see Tennessee, from Knoxville, over to Nashville where we are gonna tour Hatch, check out the Grand Olde Oprah and maybe see the Country Music Hall of Fame. Reid has also promised us a sick thrift store in Nashville that I'm sure i can find some sick gear in. Finally after that we are off THE event of the trip, Graceland, the Holy Land. So it begins, Day 2, The Road to Graceland.

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