Saturday, February 28, 2009


I dont think anyone actually reads this blog, but incase you do, its moving. I used it for Japan, and for art activities, then finally i got lazy and would just post abotu what i was up to, but now its done for and switching over to a new address.

we are bringing together a FOM collective, though not the original meaning, the new blog will be so you can head over there to check out the FOM collective ran by yours truly, Beryl Chung, and everyone's favorite poet Jon Glasses Moshasquan Tatz Viguers. I might keep posting here for a bit but probably not, so check that link if you actually read my posts or you wanna see some good illustration, writings, or just the lives of twenty year old nobodies going no where.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ohh I Think They Like ME


Step 1: lay down the base of the best site ever to grace the internet SEE IT HERE .

Step 2: slowly build that site to be the world's most amazing animation ever.

Step 3: make sure not to include shitty drawings from a professional ILLUSTRATOR

Step 4: Be famous

I have completed steps 1, 3, and 4, those damn x-wings are ruining 2 for me. and who says you gotta do steps in order. THIS is what my thought process looks like cause Im an artist duuuh.

and because of that my video post of the day is this classic

and just for the hell of it this is what i had in my head today

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Joanthan you better watch out with that PC stuff

or you'll end up one of these fools, fucking clowns, pretty much everything they say implies that they deserve respect and are being wronged, its mind boggling.

Lookin California, Feelin Minnesota

Feel the rhythm with your hands, Steal the rhythm while you can, Spoonman, Speak the rhythm on your own, Speak the rhythm all alone, Spoonman, Spoonman, come together with your hands, Save me, I'm together with your plans, Save me, yeah, Save, Oh, All my friends are Indians, All my friends are brown and red, Spoonman, And all my friends are skeletons, They beat the rhythm with their bones, Spoonman, Oh, Mm, Spoonman, come together with your hands, Save me, on together with your plans, Save me, Save, Save me, Save me, yeah, Save, With your, Come on, come on, come on, Come on, come on, come on, Come on, come on, come on, Come on, come on, come on, With your, With your hands, Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on, Yeah, Come on while I get off, Come on while I get off, Come on while I get off, Come on while I get off, Come on while I get off, Come on while I get off, Come on while I get off, Come on while I get off, Spoonman, come together with your hands, Save me, I'm together with your plan, Save me, Save, yeah, Save me, yeah, With your, With your, Hands, Feel the rhythm with your hands, Steal the rhythm while you can, Spoonman

Monday, February 23, 2009

Suck it Steve


I'm the guy who does his job, YOU MUST BE THE OTHER GUY

Fuck You Steve Jobs, where are my files?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Niggas Speak About Greatness Whenever They Speak About Me

So I finally posted up all my pics from NY Comic Con 09, I had about 115, and I feel like a failure, I wish I had taken triple that, there was soooo much great shit I wish I could share with everyone. I dont really feel like writing about everything cause I aint no journalizorist, so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Here are some of the best ones, you can see the rest on my Facebook.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

shhhhh, fireman comin

So I've basically realized today its been over a month at school and I have done literally nothing, im pathetic.  My first actual assignment for my only studio class was to design a biz card for someone else in my class.  I was paired with a girl who immediately disliked me in our initial interview cause i started by saying "I hate the West Coast, but I've never been there" and shes from Seattle so it didn't go well.  So anyway, all her art is very illustrative and cute but still some what serious, so its basically like saying  "Hey Jonny Tats, do me a favor, bang this girl then when you're done draw me a perfectly straight line.", it just dont work.  So after my first attempt at something "cute", possibly involving something from her work, clouds, and the color "if you had yellow and accidentally got some black in it", I came up with this...

and sent it to her for approval.  Got a response basically saying she didn't like it all and I had to restart.  Also I forgot to mention I was out for a week cause I was sick, so at this point the final design was due the day before by 5pm, so its already 24+ hours late, and one of her reasons was because that bird was a winter bird cause it had a winter hat so it didn't make sense cause winter was over.

So today I had to start over and decided to make several designs for her to pick from, she said I should just keep it simple, so for some reason I said, fuck it, I'll do a and drawn Fred Perry rip off, which was design 1.  However, it was design 2 where I was shinnin', this design was flawless and I sent them both to her. So here were the 2 new designs I sent

and what happens?  of course she's lame so she chooses the simple one, so what do I do?  I take the amazing Rambo gold for myself.  So hopefully you see my new business card soon once I get some money goin.

So besides my letterpress class I have Thesis, which I literally havn't done anything for and I feel like shit casue I still have a full size 8x10x8 room I have to build, AND print 46,224 sq. inches of wallpaper, AND do a ceiling mural, AND paint a full carpet, AND appulster a chair, AND do a bust and mask with Nick, AND finish my 4x5, AND do atleast 1 or 2 more projects.

But tonight is Lil Wayne night, I've been listening to Carter III all night and now im just searching YouTube videos of lil wayne videos cause they are all amazing, I suggest watching all these classics.  Also I', usually not one to promote internet jokes because I usually hate them, including everything that has come from Andy Sandberg, but this is perfect, especially when TPain salutes 8 times in a row.

so after searching, i have discovered that apparently everyone disables embedding on their youtube videos which is complete bullshit so Im not even gonna bother with the other lil wayne classics, so just watch the I'm on a Boat video.  Also dont forget to check out Cash Money Millionaires and the Hot Boys because we all know "If you list the Hot Boys as your favorite music, then you know everything about music"