Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 4, Driving, White Power, and Driving

So Day 4 was pretty slow and simple, basically just driving from Graceland as far as we can towards the southwest. We figured get all the way to Texas atleast. Unfortunatly to do that we had to drive through Arkansas and Oklahoma, two places that i would not blink an eye if they were wiped off the planet. For the first 5 hours Reid drove us through Arkansas, and it was prrreeetty boring and smelled. Then we switched up and I drove through OK, where we ate terrible Subway, and discoved that Loves gas station is where White Power townies hang out. Then we drov e some more. Finally after 11 hours of driving we hit Texas and first town, Shamrock. Pulled over to snag a room. We decided that the Western Inn and Irish Inn were both a little on the shady side, so we just hit a Holiday Inn, and with a AAA rate didn't do so bad. Tomorrow we are hitting the cadillac ranch in Amarillo and then off to Santa Fe, hopefully tomorrow is a little better.

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