Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 2 Recap, Prints and Elvis

So today we left the mountains and headed west across Tennesee. Skipped over Knoxville, no Bart Gets a License this summer. Drove into Nashville and stopped at Hatch, it was so sweet. The manager Jim who's good friends with Reid's dad gave us a tour and showed us all the presses and Magensium plates, including a Led Zepplin plate from the 70s. He hooked us up with a sick discount on prints but i didn't like any so i didn't get one, which i already regr├ęt heavily. We bounced out of Nashville cause there wasn't anything there, coming from New York its hard to get excited over small cities. 5 hour drive jammin to mostly mo-town and soul, then of course elvis for 100 miles leading into Graceland. Arrived at the hotel, pretty fucking awesome. Got dinner in the Jungle room, then took a dip in the heart shaped pool. Now we are finally relaxing to the 24 hour Elvis movie channel, watching a movie with a sick fight scene inside of an offset printing press.

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