Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Even better than Wolf Horse, Wolf Wolf

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sitting poolside at THE Buffet

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I've never wanted to kill myself more

Sunday, July 25, 2010

In the words of Chevy Chase, "Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!"

Day 7 recap?

Will be happening tomorrow, I threw my back out doing a Danny trejo impression and don't feel like doing anything right now.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

"God is a broke ass nigga"

Its true

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Reid left his phone on top of the car, after realizing 3 miles down the road and went back to find it in the middle of the highway. Yes, it still works.

Hope I don't run into El Fuego

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Day 6: Turquoise, Rain, and WigWams

So today we explored Santa Fe, it wasn't quite what I expected. It had a cool southwest vibe, and there was tons of sick jewelry, but as a city it was very yuppieish and corny. It clearly was a place for the "artsy" well off middle aged person to really explore the southwest contemporary art scene. I almost bought an awesome ring, but it was 90 bucks, and though worth it, I figured for my introduction to the ring game should be cheaper in case I'm not feeling it later. Now in retrospect I wish I had bought it. After that we left Santa Fe and headed down the Turquoise Trail, which was a nice old highway winding through the hills of New Mexico. The best stop along th way by far was in Madrid, also known as the small town from Wild Hogs. For the most part it was actually just a lame artsy one road town that's just full of craft shops and an over priced cafe or two, buuuut I did walk away with a Wild Hogs shirt, so i would say worth it in the end, also the peanut butter milkshake was so bad. After that we cruised on over to Arizona, where we drove through tooons of rain. We saw our first highway cop since Texas, but it was only because there was a completely flipped over pickup on the side of the road, my guess is there was a dead person, but whatever man, we weren't stoppin for no one. We got into the Zona, and hit up our amazing sleeping location. Tucked away on old rt. 66 in the small town of Holbrooke is the Wigwam Hotel. Rooms? Ney, this place has individual Tee Pees equiped with beds and bathroom, as well as a classic car parked outside of each Wigwam. As most of the places we've stayed, getting here at 7pm was way too late for the town to do anything, but we were suggested to a nice Mexican place in town. It was so good, Joe and Abbie's, doesn't real sound like a Mexican joint, but the food was delicious, and i had a nice bottle of Rt.66 RootBeer. Now we are crashing early as usual, tomorrow we have plenty of sights and driving, including the Grand Canyon and the Moab desert. Our car sounds like a bad ass muscle car, probably not a good thing.

Friday, July 23, 2010

This is where we are staying tonight

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For being a desert, this place is very rainy
Reids got terrible road rage in the form of fake guns in his hands
The Wigwam hotel is only an hour away, so excited to see it, then realize we have to kill 5 hours there and be booored.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh the sites in NM

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Day 5 recap: Awesome state, terrible service

So today we drove from Shamrock Texas into New Mexico on our way to Santa Fe. Our first and only stop in Texas was Amarillo Texas, the home of the Cadillac Ranch as well as Lavines department store. After checking out the Cadillac Ranch, which if you don't know is 10 cadillacs from from golden ages of the automobile, buried face first in the middle of some ranch on the side of the highway. They were a part of some millionare crazy art piece, and are now covered in graffiti, which is actually encouraged. Unfortunatly I didn't have a can so i didn't put my name on em, but i got some sick pictures. After that we cruised through Amarillo downtown where Reid almost T-boned a motorcycle cop, he was not happy. Buuuut in the end he just gave us a written warning, and gave us directions to the closest Lavines. After that we finally bounced out of TX and made our way to NM. Entering New Mexico it quickly became an amazing state because the speed limit was 75, so it was nothin but cruuisin. The scenery changed drastically from absolutly nothing as far as the eyes could see, to sick hills and plataeus, as well as a sky filled with perfect clouds and gradients of blue. Eventually we pulled off the interstate and onto a regular old two way high way. There we stopped at a sick Native American gift shop that all kids of amazing things, and I picked up some ballin indians hunting buffalo bandanas. Now we're in Santa Fe, its pretty cool, but seems kindof yuppyish. Our car is def starting to sound a little too loud so hopefully new fluids will help that out. We ate at some shitty mexican place that bummed us out, and now are just chilling in the room cause its a massive rain storm. Tomorrow we'll check out Santa Fe more, since everything closed at 5, then its off to Arizona and amazing rocks and our wigwam motel.
Off the interstate, jammin to Pantera, rockin a new native american bandana. New Mexico is probably my new favorite state. So chillll

2000 miles in, chillin on Rt 66

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 4, Driving, White Power, and Driving

So Day 4 was pretty slow and simple, basically just driving from Graceland as far as we can towards the southwest. We figured get all the way to Texas atleast. Unfortunatly to do that we had to drive through Arkansas and Oklahoma, two places that i would not blink an eye if they were wiped off the planet. For the first 5 hours Reid drove us through Arkansas, and it was prrreeetty boring and smelled. Then we switched up and I drove through OK, where we ate terrible Subway, and discoved that Loves gas station is where White Power townies hang out. Then we drov e some more. Finally after 11 hours of driving we hit Texas and first town, Shamrock. Pulled over to snag a room. We decided that the Western Inn and Irish Inn were both a little on the shady side, so we just hit a Holiday Inn, and with a AAA rate didn't do so bad. Tomorrow we are hitting the cadillac ranch in Amarillo and then off to Santa Fe, hopefully tomorrow is a little better.
Oklahoma officially gets my vote for worst state so far, Arkansas was a whole lot nothing, but OK has shitty highways, nothing, and gas station nazi townies.

Oklahomas only cool thing

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Cruisin into the sunset

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I've realized that my knowledge of american landmarks and their geography is 90% derived from playing Pilot Wings 64

Indian Style

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Got cutoff by a tank

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Livin the American Dream

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Day 3 recap, limos, platinum and more elvis

So today was the big day. GRACELAND. Started the morning off with a free breakfast in the Jungle Lounge, then went out and did a photo shoot of the hotel. When coming back we surprised Beryl with our secret plan. We had upgraded our lame room into one of the themed suites, completely free. We got the Gold & Platinum room, which includes a king sized bed with a giant gold record back board..awesome. We finally headed out to Graceland, and I have to say, Elvis was one amazing interior decorator. His house was such a chill hang out spot and must have had the best parties and get togethers. We also checked out his sick car collection and his personal jet planes which have full beds and 24k gold seat belt buckles. I wish i could describe it all, but i assure you i took at least 100 photos, including about 30 film pix. After Graceland we hit the heart pool again, and chilled for awhile. Then we went to go get dinner. We found a place that sends you a free pink limo and chauffeurs you to the restaurant, which is so sick. The food was amazing. We are all soo full, catfish sandwiches, deepfried pickles and rolls, and tequila. Beryl is fucked up. Also as every other place in memphis, the restaurant had a gift shop where i purchased an amazing polo which I'll post a pic of. Beryl bought an amazing elvis/Marlowe's BBQ shirt... Def.a double printed shirt not on purpose. Tomorrow we hit the road again, with or without Gabriella, who's in... Mississippi?.. Who knows, but tomorrow we are headed out west with no location in mind, somewhere past Oklahoma City, hopefully to the Cadillacs of Amarillo TX.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This was our ride tonight, pink limo style

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Stuck behind horse and carage in downtown memphis, woooorst

Stay Gooold

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Graceland Chillin

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Graceland is too perfect, Elvis best interior decorator, sick photos both digital and film. Currently eating in a Cadillac with Beryl.

Day 2 Recap, Prints and Elvis

So today we left the mountains and headed west across Tennesee. Skipped over Knoxville, no Bart Gets a License this summer. Drove into Nashville and stopped at Hatch, it was so sweet. The manager Jim who's good friends with Reid's dad gave us a tour and showed us all the presses and Magensium plates, including a Led Zepplin plate from the 70s. He hooked us up with a sick discount on prints but i didn't like any so i didn't get one, which i already regr├ęt heavily. We bounced out of Nashville cause there wasn't anything there, coming from New York its hard to get excited over small cities. 5 hour drive jammin to mostly mo-town and soul, then of course elvis for 100 miles leading into Graceland. Arrived at the hotel, pretty fucking awesome. Got dinner in the Jungle room, then took a dip in the heart shaped pool. Now we are finally relaxing to the 24 hour Elvis movie channel, watching a movie with a sick fight scene inside of an offset printing press.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Skipped right over knoxville, no time for that empty city, Nashville is where we be heading, our arteries clogged with biscuits and syrup

Fw: What you know about Wolf Horse

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Day 1 Recap

So after the first leg, a 10 hour drive, this trip so far has been pretty awesome. Me and Reid split the driving 50/50, and just cruised to some good tunes. Everyone was pretty tired, but it was worth it when we got to Reid's mountain house. Up in the hills of western Virginia, with no cell reception, we stayed at a sick house covered in amazing antiques and sick Hatch Print Shop posters. The house used to be the small towns Post Office and general store, which Reids family used to run way back when. We had a nice little fire and hang session, topped off with the cinematic classic Wayne's World. Today we are off to see Tennessee, from Knoxville, over to Nashville where we are gonna tour Hatch, check out the Grand Olde Oprah and maybe see the Country Music Hall of Fame. Reid has also promised us a sick thrift store in Nashville that I'm sure i can find some sick gear in. Finally after that we are off THE event of the trip, Graceland, the Holy Land. So it begins, Day 2, The Road to Graceland.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Starting to get more mountainous, groovin to Johnny Cash and Elvis, Gabriella is looking at Playboys.
Gabriella not a fan of Playgirl.
1st 5 hours down, driving is so fun. Rocked out to LOA, RHCP and Faith No More. Now just chillin the back with B, while Reid jams to Waylon Jennings for 5 hours
Day 1. chillin in summit getting super siked. Watching the Hangover to hype up us skipping over Vegas. Will be updating regularly. Next stop Virginia mtn house