Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spill the Beans

First night being back in Jersey, and it was amazing. Though it started slow cause everyone lied to me and said they weren't going to the show then did, it picked up when they came back and we went to ACs. a night of fun games, and classic Andrew moments reminded me how much i love dxc's and affiliates, how I wish one of us had a bitty that could cook so that we could have a thanksgiving together instead of having to make awkward conversation with grandparent and uncles who we have nothing in common with. from 1-4 am, we had FUN.

Monday, November 17, 2008

On a Side Note

Why the fuck would they make Tootsie Pops? even if they came first, as soon as the BlowPop came out, they should have realized they lost and stop making these gross turds on a stick

what school did this idiot actually graduate from?

big crit ova, time to do more work

Here are finally pictures of some of the stuff I've been working on that don't involve my thesis, which in my critique no one liked because they had nothing to do with my thesis. dummies. I guess I only have one non thesis thing and thats my sheikh portrait which I am still working on and need to put in a text layer but its in arabic so i need someone else to do it. So here is the portrait of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Muktoum and eventually there will be the text "Tangible dreams, happiness inevitable: money is possibility eternal." which was written my my good buddy Jonathan. The other pictures are of the wallpaper I created that will eventually be made up of thousands of pictures of me which will never repeat. besides that I aint got much more.

Mike will make an inappropriate comment about this one

Did it on both white and light gray paper, not much diffence

Sean Wallpaper
Full wall, almost covered, with prints on it

Sail bone... A mail bone... and a sail throne

Nothin but Bidniss in my world.



artistic cause I'm an artist dummy

Saturday, November 15, 2008


So im standing here because there is no chair, not even a stool, at my first day of paid work in about 2 months, and probably my last until Christmas break when I return to the deli. Luckily Nicole has come to my rescue and not only bought me McDonalds when I was starving, but has lent me her laptop for the day so that I don't go insane. I wouldn't say it's a slow day, but compared to working the lunch rush at a food establishment it's been pretty boring for my taste. I've sold a few items, and I'll say that being on the other side of the counter at a boutique esq store is just as awkward as when you are the wondering costumer, and you dont want to buy anything just look around, then wonder out the door and feel obligated to say bye, as if the clerk helped you or even introduced themselves. Well, I dont really have much to say cause I have no new news or any pictures to put up yet, but sitting here writting this is helping me pass the time so whatever. I also found a container of my boss' comix from years past and there are some pretty funny ones that I actually laughed out loud at, thank god there was no one in the store when that happened. Here are two I particularly liked, cause I know specific people I can link
them too, and feel like I've been in both situations verbatim at some point in my life.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


so I wanted to write and post some stuff cause its just too funny. After reading Alan's latest post about fat orgies, and proceeding to laugh out loud in the computer lab, I then proceeded to read Mike's about Alan's tuna salad, which made me repeat these actions. Also the fact that when mike posts from his phone it puts text ads which are bigger than the post itself is hilarious.

I dont really get how you guys write these long ass blog posts, i guess its casue your using real keyboards not some shitty old mac one that takes for ever casue you gotta push the buttons so hard like an old SNES controller when your up at 9:30 skipping class trying to beat the Flyers with the Penguins in the NHL 92 Stanley Cup finals... yes thats a true story circa 2005. Anyway, I originally came here to post up a nice little article out of a UAE fashion magazine Grazia, featuring the one and only Lawrence Ryan Kiefer. Its about ExPATs in dubai and the election, click the picture for the full size, its very large.

so what else can I say besides that, I have nothing going for me, I have a few pieces I still need to photograph and put up, nothing really that good. Also my big midterm review is up next monday and I am NOT ready for it. booooo.

Also I have decided that after school I will be living at home for the summer to make enough money at the deli to buy more screenprinting equiptment, then get an internship at a shop in NYC, then in the Fall move to a warehouse loft in JC where I will hopefully work at earlier said shop during the day, and then print shit and party at night.... anyone is welcome to live with me. I also plan to eventually make my click famous for being the anti-NYC art group, and Jonathan will be the guy who does no art but photographs and write about it and puts out a book.
So thats all I got, I'll see you at thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New SITE! not quite up yet.

so i built my site this weekend, and though there are some kinks to be worked out, its looking pretty good and hopefully I will have it up and running this weekend. The address to my site will be, but if you go there right now its just a godaddy ad. I dont have much to say about the website, its basically just a personal portfolio site for now, hopefully eventually I can use it for more, but for now its pretty basic, yet out of control because Im tried of everyones boring basic sites. here are some screenshots of the main page, and how the layout will look when you click each section.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Here are the screenshots from my piece, I dont have pictures from the piece just yet, ill put em up soon, but for now here are the pics, and you can try to guess them all before you scroll down, also the link under the picture is to a "key" that shows where each number is. click the image to see the hi res