Wednesday, November 12, 2008


so I wanted to write and post some stuff cause its just too funny. After reading Alan's latest post about fat orgies, and proceeding to laugh out loud in the computer lab, I then proceeded to read Mike's about Alan's tuna salad, which made me repeat these actions. Also the fact that when mike posts from his phone it puts text ads which are bigger than the post itself is hilarious.

I dont really get how you guys write these long ass blog posts, i guess its casue your using real keyboards not some shitty old mac one that takes for ever casue you gotta push the buttons so hard like an old SNES controller when your up at 9:30 skipping class trying to beat the Flyers with the Penguins in the NHL 92 Stanley Cup finals... yes thats a true story circa 2005. Anyway, I originally came here to post up a nice little article out of a UAE fashion magazine Grazia, featuring the one and only Lawrence Ryan Kiefer. Its about ExPATs in dubai and the election, click the picture for the full size, its very large.

so what else can I say besides that, I have nothing going for me, I have a few pieces I still need to photograph and put up, nothing really that good. Also my big midterm review is up next monday and I am NOT ready for it. booooo.

Also I have decided that after school I will be living at home for the summer to make enough money at the deli to buy more screenprinting equiptment, then get an internship at a shop in NYC, then in the Fall move to a warehouse loft in JC where I will hopefully work at earlier said shop during the day, and then print shit and party at night.... anyone is welcome to live with me. I also plan to eventually make my click famous for being the anti-NYC art group, and Jonathan will be the guy who does no art but photographs and write about it and puts out a book.
So thats all I got, I'll see you at thanksgiving.

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