Saturday, November 15, 2008


So im standing here because there is no chair, not even a stool, at my first day of paid work in about 2 months, and probably my last until Christmas break when I return to the deli. Luckily Nicole has come to my rescue and not only bought me McDonalds when I was starving, but has lent me her laptop for the day so that I don't go insane. I wouldn't say it's a slow day, but compared to working the lunch rush at a food establishment it's been pretty boring for my taste. I've sold a few items, and I'll say that being on the other side of the counter at a boutique esq store is just as awkward as when you are the wondering costumer, and you dont want to buy anything just look around, then wonder out the door and feel obligated to say bye, as if the clerk helped you or even introduced themselves. Well, I dont really have much to say cause I have no new news or any pictures to put up yet, but sitting here writting this is helping me pass the time so whatever. I also found a container of my boss' comix from years past and there are some pretty funny ones that I actually laughed out loud at, thank god there was no one in the store when that happened. Here are two I particularly liked, cause I know specific people I can link
them too, and feel like I've been in both situations verbatim at some point in my life.

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Nicole said...

i don't see how "Dickhead Mouse" refers to me.