Thursday, August 27, 2009

Your shit is WEEK!

so this week was pretty good, it had its ups and downs, but overall was pretty darn fun. Got to start off chillin with B double D at her parents pad which is always fun because its in such a nice building, has super cable and a big ass TV, unfortunately you're not allowed to touch anything, and everything in the surrounding area is expensive as hell. Anyway, got to hang with her illustration friends who are nice, except they are 14 year old girls who are awkward and get mad over dumb things... or they are just straight up bitches like a certain Morristown resident who doesnt even like babe... i mean come on. Anyway, met one cool chicadee, who after a 2nd awkward encounter in nyc doesn't seem to be down but I'm sure we will still hang as buddies. Anyway, after the weekend I went to the city with Mr. Yuch, and chilled with DB, Earth Song, and his lady friends from Cali, had an awesome time except for sleeping on the floor. Monday we "partied hard" into the wee hours, as Portugal and his girlfriend Portugal watched with amazement. Tuesday we hit up all the closed galleries in chelsea, then chilled in central park and watched shirtless dudes play Frisbee, and well as old dudes doing Frisbee tricks. That night we went to a Vivian Girls show, that was sooo fucking packed and hot, and had waaay too much reverb on the mics.

so I come home wednesday with alan and plan on going home to just relax for the day before thursday night, but Alan and AC call and ask if I wanna go get food, which turns into "hey you wanna go to weezer/blink 182" which I said yes, and we went, had awesome seat thanks to AC and had an awesome time. Got to sit 4th row for Blink 182 and was personally called out by mark hoppus for texting while he was playing.

Well now its thrusday and Im just chillin waitin for alan to get back from New York cause he helping someone move, then hes gonna roll with me to Baltimore and help ME move. That's right, I'm finallly getting out of Baltimore, and I can't fucking wait, though I will miss some good Taco Bell and Mtn Dew hangouts while we watch King of Queens... and some other stuff I guess.

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Anonymous said...

reverb is part of the vivian girls' sound. that's how it's supposed to sound.