Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Relief sux, and Kyoto shoudl save me

So this week I have come to the conclusion that I hate the medium of relief printing, especially when its done by hand. its just so sloppy and inaccurate and dumb. Anyway, I feel weird writing a blog with no pictures to talk about or to show because I'm not very good at writing, but the next week or so should make up for all the shitty school I've had to deal with.

This weekend we are using the 4 day weekend to go to Kyoto. Should be a big change from the busy life of Tokyo, and we get to see shrines and what people call "the real Japan". We have planned tons of stuff to jam into the short 4 day trip, so there will definitely be tons of pictures to be posted later.

After this weekend Nicole is coming to visit which should bring me up aswell. We plan on visiting tons of stuff that I havnt gotten to see yet in Tokyo, ad well as revisiting some of the better places. Again there will hopefully be a ton of great pictures to post.

Theeeen, about a week after Nicole leaves, Ryan will be coming to visit, so again I will be running around checking out all the sites again. Somewhere in there, I have to shoot video for my digital class, print my final book 10 times, and write a paper.... should be tons of fun.

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