Sunday, March 2, 2008

Im so sick of all these star waaarrz

So today I went out on my own in search of toy purchases, I attempted to go found BountyXHunter, but like most cases my map didnt help me at all so I couldn't find it, though i did stumple across Stussy Undefeated and the X-Large stores which were all really nice and had some cool stuff. So after a good walk around in Harajuku I decided to head down to Nakano to find another toy store i read about that was on the 2nd floor of a mall. Last time I tried to find this store we walked around for like an hour and couldnt find it, but now i knew it was in the mall so I headed out. When i got there is discovered quite the site. About half the upstairs was toy stores, and each store had atleast a whole wall dedicated to Star Wars, and we're not talking about like the new episode gayness, Im talkin about mint original episode IV figures in their boxes priced at about 300 a pop. There was also a sick airsoft gun shop, as well as a real gun store, that i think only sold unusable guns, but i have no idea. One store also had a whole collection of Battle Toads and Madballs, Noel would crap himself. Overall I came back with some key purchases, 2 bearbricks, 2 puppet master figures, a Lando 1/6 scale model, and a model set of Jabba's palace and all the figures including non other than Max Rebo and his band. Ohh and last but not least I came away from the whole adventure with a sweet plastic full sized storm trooper mask!

the REAL gun store

the AIRSOFT gun store
looks like something out of a movie

A full scale replica ET

Noel F would crap himself if he saw these

Bringin it back to 92'. a full BATTLE TROLLS collection

Ohh the amazing Star Wars finds I wish I could afford

I wish i took more pictures but I promise I will be back and load up my camera, also pictures of my purchases will be up soon. Also if I had to sum up this mall's 2nd and 3rd floors and give it a new name I would have to say "Nick Poyners Dream Mall"

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