Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alan's always gotta go

So after having another conversation cut short with Alan because he "Has to run" which always seems to happen with that fool, cause he's a big new yorker now, anyway the convo was about how my internship is allowing me to print a run of shirts for my own use, so get ready for either some sick SailBone shirts or if you have better ideas let me know.

anyway, why I came here, wanted to post up some sick videos we watched today in class, these awesome Sony Bravia commercials are for the new Colour Like.No.Other campaign... and yes its from the UK so it has a U, idiots. anyway, befor you watch them just know that none of these have computer animation or digital color enhancement, everything you see actually happened and was shot on location. the only special effects is for the claymation one they digitally erased the rods holding the bunnies in the air.

Bouncy Balls

Paint Cannon

NYC Bunnies

Thread Spools

Domino City

there are a few more but these are unbelievable, and are completely real, heres a behind the scenes on the bouncy balls one, so good, you can find a few money on youtube if you search, i suggest the bunny one as well.

Also for your enjoyment, heres Busta Rhymes new amazing song ARAB MONEY. also Young Jeezy's MY PRESIDENT IZ BLACK, and no I didnt change the S to a Z.


Nicole said...

you might like this guy. i like his website, i loled
he's from philly

Garrett said...

the bunny stop motion blows my mind, when it turns into a huge whale tail im like wtf mate. i love the bouncy balls visually and the music in that one is great as well.