Monday, January 14, 2008


So last night we went to the Mito Museum in Roppongi Hills to check out the contemporary art exhibit and the Ultraman retrospective. If your not sure who that is hes basically like a Superman of Japan, bigger than Godzilla and from the same creator. anyway there were no pictures allowed in the contemporary exhibit but I was able to get some in the monster section for the ultraman one except it was very dark so a lot of the pictures came out blurry cause the flash wasn't working so well either. Then went to the Tokyo Skyview because the museum was on the 52nd floor of the building so you could see the huge city that is tokyo from quite high up.

Jonathan at the monster exhibit
The Monster that has to eat coins or he dies

A look over the great Tokyo, and the Tokyo Tower

And finally I got a crappy shot of the giant spider at roppongi hills


N____e said...

aw look how many layers you're wearing! it must be chilly

Aokrasinski said...

Thats a sculpture by louise bourgeois... didnt you take modernism???? haha fucking with you dude...